Locking Membership


In OfficeRnD, admins get the option to lock memberships and prevent their team from making further changes. This can be a handy way to prevent changes to customized memberships that don't fit the usual terms you offer.

All memberships added by a contract will be locked by default.
Only admins with permissions to lock memberships will have the ability to do so.

Lock a membership

  1. Go to the company/member profile in your organization.
  2. Open the membership that you would like to lock.
  3. Click on the lock icon in the top left corner.
  4. Hit 'Update' to save the changes.


Locking a membership is not irreversible and you will have the option to unlock it again at any time.

  • Head here if you want to read more about the default User Permissions. You can also go here to learn more about the Custom Role and Permissions in OfficeRnD. 
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