Hot Desk Occupancy And Hot Desk Coefficient

Have you ever wondered how you can keep track of the occupancy rate for your hot (flexible) desks since because of their nature they cannot be assigned to a customer? At OfficeRnD we have solved this matter by using the so called hot desk coefficient that allows you to set targets for the hot desk memberships you offer. The system will auto-calculate the rest in order for you to keep track of the occupancy rates of your resources.



Action items:

1. Add your hot desks under Space/Desks or use our Resources import functionality under Settings/Import.

2. Define your hot desk coefficient under Settings/Platform/Space.

3. Assign hot desk memberships to your customers and check the reports on your Dashboard.

Additional resources:
Learn more about occupancy and how we calculate it here.

In case you'd like to change a dedicated desk into a hot desk we'd recommend that you take a look at this help article.

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