Members Portal - Credits and Transaction History

When you would like to see how many credits you have and your credit transaction history, you can simply head to the OfficeRnD member portal.


How to see the remaining credits?

  • Click on "Credits" in the "Billing" menu.

Here you can see how many credits you have left for the month, their type and which resources are they valid for. You can additionally filter by different months, in order to check previous or future periods.mceclip0.png


How to view credit transaction history?

The credit transaction history is displayed upon clicking on the orange arrow mceclip1.png on the right-hand side of the screen.mceclip3.png

Here you can see all the transactions, the date they occurred on, and details such as for which booking they were used or from which plan they were gained. 

The negative transactions can be filtered with the "Display negative transactions" checkbox. 


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