Occupancy Legacy Report [by Resource]

The By Resource tab of the Occupancy Report shows a detailed breakdown of how each resource is performing, along with an Export function to download a .csv file with the data.

What You'll Need

Before we dive into details about the report, make sure to read more about:

How It Works


  • Select resource type - you need to choose a specific resource to see the summary

  • Period (month From <> month To)

Report sections

The report will be divided into sections based on the number of existing resources per selected type. If you, for example, have 38 Private offices, they will all be listed here with their data. 

Note: If you have a resource that is not available for the whole month, it will be displayed as Unavailable for this specific month. For example, if you have a resource with an Available From date 4th of the current month, it will not be counted as an Available resource because it is not available for the whole month.

For each resource, the report will show the Location & Size (in units and area) and their monthly:

  • Target - the first price in bold is the monthly target of the resource;
  • Actual - the actual value of the contract/membership for the specified month;
  • Difference - the positive or negative difference between the Target and the Actual.


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