Members Portal - How to Book a Recurring Meeting

As a member, you can book recurring meetings if the coworking space that you are in allows it.

To create a recurring meeting in the members portal:

  1. Open the Calendar.
  2. Select the time slot for the meeting. Note that every upcoming booking will be in the same time slot.
  3. Click on More Options.
  4. Click on Recurrence
  5. Select On


You can select the frequency at which the meeting will be occurring by selecting Repeat every X day/week/month. Select the day on which the meeting to take place from Repeat on M/T/W/T/F/S/S. Finally, you can select when the recurring booking to end. You can choose between a specific date or after a specific number of occurrences.


On the right-hand side under Booking Summary, you can see how any changes to the above-mentioned settings will reflect on your booking.

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