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In the Members portal shop, you can purchase additional plans (memberships and one-offs) from your co-working space.

Depending on the purchase flow, you may be charged immediately for your purchase. This is something that should be visible at the bottom of the checkout section on the right.


Filtering Plans

You can use the following filters:

  • Location - certain products are available only for specific locations. You can use this filter to view different locations and see what's available for each.
    If you click reset filters, then the plans that are available for all locations are going to be shown.
  • Categories - the products that are offered may be grouped into categories.
    If you're interested in a specific category, you can use this filter to view only the plans for it.
    If there are no categories set, this filter won't be visible as an option.

Purchasing Your Selected Plan

Once you've selected your plan using the + button, a checkout section will appear on the right.
There, you can see all of the relevant pricing information for the plan.


You can also edit the following parameters:

  • Start Date / Date - depending on whether you're purchasing a recurring plan or a one-off, you can select either the start date of your membership, or the date of your fee.

Note: If you purchase a recurring membership and you change the start date, proration could occur for the first month of the period. In that case, the price of the membership will change according to the rules set by your co-working space. Learn more about proration.

  • Extras - some plans come with additional extras. You can choose to purchase them alongside the plan. In this case, their price will be added to the total price.
    In the field, you change the quantity of the extras and their price will be multiplied accordingly.
  • Quantity - under "Base Price", you can change the number of plans that you'd like to purchase. The total price will be multiplied accordingly.


After you're done editing your purchase, you'll be able to see the following values at the bottom of the checkout section:

  • Processing Fees - this is the top-most field and usually occurs when you're using a credit/debit card to make a purchase.
    If the space doesn't collect processing fees, then you won't see this section.
  • Subtotal - the base price of the plan + any processing fees. VAT is excluded.
  • Tax- the tax applied to the subtotal.
  • Total - the sum of the subtotal and the tax values.

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