Members portal - About Us

The About Us page contains information regarding the company, locations as well as staff/admins.

The page can be accessed by clicking the About Us tab in the menu on the left-hand side. Your Space title may differ, depending on the naming of the tab. However, it is called About Us by default.


The About Us page has 3 sections - Description /General Information, Locations, and Staff / Admins.


  1. Description/ General Information - this section contains text format. The heading of the section can be different.
  2. Locations - all visible locations are shows. Each location can contain information, address, name, and image. The location you are a part of will have My location next to the name, along with a small house icon.
  3. Our Team - the accounts of the staff/admins will be visible here, together with general information about them, telephone number, e-mail, and direct messaging.
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