[Legacy] Dashboard Glossary

This is a brief explanation of all terms used in the Dashboard section in OfficeRnD's admin portal divided by subsections. You can receive further information about the values in the sections on the Dashboard View and the information we have displayed in them here

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Avg. Occupancy The average of a resource type. To read how it is calculated click here.
Available Desks The total of all offices, dedicated, and hotdesks available.
Available Area The total area of rentable resources.



Lost An opportunity that hasn't been achieved.
Open An opportunity that still is available.
Won An opportunity that has been achieved



New Memberships Memberships that are new in the month.
Terminated Memberships   Memberships that have expired in the month.
Active Memberships  Memberships that are still ongoing.
Discounted Memberships   Memberships that have a discount applied to them.



Overdue An invoice which Due Date has passed and it is not paid.
Paid A fully paid invoice.
Not Paid Total The total amount of not paid invoices
Paid Total The total amount of paid invoices



Target Revenue
Target revenue is the total amount of money that you can make from recurring memberships. This assumes a 100% occupancy - every desk and a private office are occupied and sold at full price. This number usually serves as a good reference point for your sales goals.
Revenue The income generated from normal business operations.
Cash Occupancy
Calculated based on the difference between the money you can make out of your space - the Target Revenue, compared to the money you actually make - the projected revenue. It brings value by showing how well your space is utilized.
Revenue Distribution  A graph that shows the revenue that is gathered from each source, it can be filtered by plan type or plan.
Opportunity Revenue  Revenue gathered from opportunities.
Total Projected Revenue  The total amount of projected revenue.

Further information about Occupancy and Revenue Analytics here


Resource Utilization

Bookings The total number of bookings for the selected month.
Total Duration The total duration of all bookings for the selected month.
Utilization The average utilization for all resources of the specified type for the selected month.
Avg. Duration The average duration of all bookings for the selected month.


More about Resource Utilization & Dashboard here

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