SSO with Salesforce

In this article we'll list the steps of how you can set up SSO with Salesforce.
You can learn more details about SSO our main article here.

Note: The activation of the SSO for Member Tools disables:
- The standard login with OfficeRnD user and password
- The Public Calendar Page and Sign-up Page
- Reset password links
- Token for auth in the invite to portal email


  1. Create your developer account in Salesforce -

  2. Then follow this article -


  1. Find App Manager in Search (should be on Setup page)

  2. Create a new Connected App and set:
    • Name

    • Email

    • Enable Oauth Settings

      • Callback URL is the Return URL from our integration (could be copied when you active the Authentication Integration in OfficeRnD)

      • Selected OAuth Scopes

        • OpenId
        • Email and profile info

        • Also set - Configure ID Token and there choose Include Standart Claims - more info s3.png

        • Then copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the Connected App and put it in the configuration in OfficeRnD

  3. The Discovery URL could be found here -
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