SSO with Custom Google Domain

In this article we'll list the steps of how you can set up SSO with Custom Google Domain.
You can learn more details about SSO our main article here.

Note: The activation of the SSO for Member Tools disables:
- The standard login with OfficeRnD user and password
- The Public Calendar Page and Sign-up Page
- Reset password links
- Token for auth in the invite to portal email


  1. Navigate to

  2. Create a new Project

  3. Set OAuth consent screen - External (for Gmail emails) or Internal (only for emails)

  4. Set Application type and Application name and Save

  5. Navigate to Credentials and Create credentials

  6. Choose OAuth client ID -> Web application

  7.  Set a name

  8.  Set an Authorised redirect URIs - take it from OfficeRnD - the Return URL

  9. . Create it

  10. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and put them in the OfficeRnD Configuration

  11. Set Discovery URL in OfficeRnD - you can take it from this article.
    Alternatively you can enter it manually, it should looks like so -




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