How to Update Your Personal Information and Privacy Settings in the OfficeRnD Mobile App

The OfficeRnD Mobile App gives you on-the-go opportunities to review the upcoming events, check-in, book a room, and many more. You can read more about the different sections on our Mobile App here.

In addition to the options described in the above article, below you will find how to update the personal information and the privacy settings in the OfficeRnD Mobile App.

In order to start updating your personal information on the Mobile app you have to follow these steps:


  1. Click on Show All on the downright corner of the screen
  2. Choose Account
  3. Select Edit profile
  4. Select whether you want to update your Personal or Privacy Settings



If you select to change your Personal information you will see the options:

  • Name
  • Bio
  • Phone

When you select a field and start updating the information, you will notice that the button Update Profile will become available for clicking.

The same thing will happen if you select to Update Company information where you can amend the:

  • Company Name
  • Company Description
  • Company Website
  • Company Email


When you finish updating the details and click on the Update button, you will see these messages: “Success. Profile info updated” or respectively “Success. Company info updated.” 

Note: To be able to update the company information you have to be a Contact Person or Billing Person. Here you can read more on the permissions for these roles.


When you click on the Edit profile and scroll down, you will see the options to update your Privacy Settings

By using the toggle buttons you can choose how much of your profile you share with your community, to completely hide your profile, or to only hide your details and socials.




Download the app 

 D90D94331E54D2005CC8CEE352FF98ECF639.png  2000px-Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge.svg_.png

You can find the RnD Rooms app in the App Store and Google Play.

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