Payments Summary Report

In this help article, we will take a look at the Payments Summary report.

Payments Summary Report

The report can be accessed in Reports/Payments Summary.


It contains useful information on a daily basis on every payment you've entered on a particular day, and makes it easy to reconcile your actual takings with what has been recorded into OfficeRnD.

It gives you information on all recorded payments for a particular day, including the payment method used, the name of the member and company, the invoice number, reference of the payment detail on file used for the payment, the location of the member, the tax applied to the items and the amount of the payment.

  • Member: This column displays the name of the member who made the payment if applicable.
  • Company: This column displays the name of the company the payment is coming from.
  • Invoice: This column shows the number of the invoice with which the payment is associated with.
  • Date: This column, contains the date of the payment.
  • Reference: This column displays the payment details on file which were used for the payment, if available.
  • Location Name: This column contains the location of the company/member.
  • Tax: This column displays the tax applied to the payment.
  • Amount: The final column displays the payment amount.
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