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The dashboard of OfficeRND is a nexus to all sorts of useful information spread throughout the system. We've displayed the information in separate sections so that it's easier to view and we've included links on some of the tabs so that when you click on a specific item you'll immediately see more details about the section you were currently looking at.

Please, note that most of the values that you're seeing in the dashboard are for the current month.

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The Occupancy tab shows you the percentage of average occupancy of your space, as well as a breakdown of the occupancy of the primary resources, important to your business.
Clicking on this section will redirect you to Dashboard/Occupancy which offers a more detailed review of the current occupancy - click here to read more about that detailed report.



In this tab, you'll be able to see a short overview of your invoiced revenue.

Note: Please note that the Overdue and Failed values are compiled from invoices from previous months, while the Paid value displays only the revenue from the current month. The Overdue value combines the amounts of Overdue and Partially Paid invoices from previous months.

Click on Invoices to see a more detailed report graph of your invoiced revenue.

Tip: Click on each value and the system will take you to the invoice section where you'll be able to see all the invoices that comprise the amounts on the dashboard.

Revenue Occupancy

In this tab, you'll see three values: Target, Recurring, and Occupancy

The Target value represents your set target for the month. More on how you can set a revenue target for the month in our article here.

The Recurring monthly revenue represents the revenue generated by memberships, excluding services.

The Occupancy value, also referred to as Cash Occupancy represents the difference between your target revenue and your recurring revenue.

You can read in detail how we calculate all three of these values here.

Click on Revenue Occupancy to get more information and statistical graphs for your organization. 


Here you'll be able to see your Revenue generated for the current month, split by recurring revenue and revenue coming from one-off fees.

Click on Revenue to see a detailed breakdown of your revenue. 

Head over here to learn more on how is the Projected Revenue report being calculated. 


Space Growth

In this section, you'll be able to see three separate graphs, that represent the growth of your organization for the current month.

The first graph represents the number of Active members, this number excludes all teammates, as they're considered staff members and in order for the analytics to be correct, any active teammates are excluded from this value.

The second graph represents the number of Portal Users, i.e users that enter the members portal of your organization over time.

The last graph represents the Capacity, which is the size of all the offices that you currently have entered into the system. The office size stands for the number of desks that are populating it. Capacity includes all desks - this means Private office desks, Dedicated desks, Hotdesk, Custom resources desks (everything except the meeting rooms).

Tip: You can set the size of an office by going to Space >Private Offices > Click on the office which size you want to change > Size. 

You can also click on Space Growth in order to see a more detailed view of the graphs. 

Memberships, Companies, and Members

These 3 tabs are very similar and all of them have 3 values each: Active, New, and Leaving (Cancelled for memberships).

The Active number represents the number of Active Companies/Members/Memberships you've had for the current month. 

Tip: You can use the link on each tab and the system will take you to the appropriate section of the admin portal, where you'll be able to see a detailed list of the respective Active items.

The New value represents the number of Companies/Members/Memberships that started in the current month.

The Leaving value represents the number of Companies and Members, whose memberships are ending in the current month and there are no memberships scheduled to start right after this one. 

The value for Cancelled memberships is calculated based on the memberships that are going to end this month - it may have already ended as of viewing the report or it might end in a couple of days, both cases are accounted for in this value.

Click on Memberships to see a breakdown of the value.

A more detailed report regarding your memberships can be found in Reports > Memberships - read more about it here.


The Users tab shows the number of Total, Active, and Monthly Active Users. You can click on the Total and Active numbers in order to view the users that comprise these numbers.

The Active user value takes into account all member with an active membership, that has been invited and has access to the members portal 

The Monthly Active users show the number of users (both active and non-active) that have logged in to the members portal this month.

The Total user count represents the number of total users currently on the platform. These are all the members that have been granted access to the members portal - regardless of their status, they can be both active and drop-ins for example.

You can find more information on member statuses here.

Today's Bookings

The value for Tentative bookings is based on bookings that require approval and have still not been approved or declined by the admin. 

Note: The value for Tentative bookings is based on the number of tentative bookings for the next 30 days and not just the current day.

The Paid value represents the number of bookings that take place today and have been paid. 

The Total number of bookings is the number of bookings that take place today, both paid and not paid bookings are taken into account in this value.

You can get a more detailed report about your bookings in Reports > Bookings - read about the report here.


The Active value is calculated based on the number of all the contracts that currently have the status Active.

The Not Signed value shows you the number of contracts that are currently not signed and/or are already send for signature. 

Up for renewal shows the number of contracts that are up for renewal.

Tip: Each value has a link so you can click on it and see the contracts related to these numbers.


The Opportunity tab gives you the number of all the opportunities your organization currently has. 

The Open opportunities are all deals that haven't been yet closed and are outstanding. The value includes opportunities from the current and past months.

New opportunities are opportunities that have been created this month.

The Total value sums the Open and New, in order to give you the total amount of deals for the current month.

You can read more about Opportunities here.

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