Worldpay is a payment integration that lets you record and charge credit and debit cards. It's also one of our integrations that can be used to pay on the signup page. Before we dive into details, make sure to check what payment gateway integrations we offer.

Note: This integration cannot be used to collect payment from US-based companies. However, if your organization is not based in the US then you can collect payments from US credit cards.

How to set up the integration

  1. Visit and create an account.
  2. After you create an account and you verify your email you'll be able to get the two API keys needed to set up the integration. You can find the API keys in Settings->API keys .
  3. Here you'll see that there are two keys - Client key and Service key
    Note: Test API keys can only be used for testing and cannot be used to charge real credit cards, in order to charge your customers you need to get live API keys.
  4. Open OfficeRnD and go to Settings->Integrations. Scroll down to Payment Gateways and click Activate next to Worldpay.
  5. After you've activated the integration click Configure and paste the two API keys from Worldpay in their respective text field and click Done.
  6. Now that you've enabled the integration you'll be able to store and charge credit cards in OfficeRND.

What To Do Next

  • If you decide to start testing before using your live keys, you can find more information on test cards that can be used by Worldpay in this article.
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