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The OfficeRnD Marketplace allows customers to add Stores into a digital marketplace. Members can easily view these stores through the member portal and mobile app to purchase goods and services. 

F&B Ordering is a Premium feature that can be activated by the OfficeRnD Sales team. Please reach out to

You can enable this feature if your subscription includes that when you go to Settings/Platform/Orders /Enable F&B Ordering by clicking the checkbox:


As an Admin you will be able to:

  • Create & Manage Goods, Stores, and Orders

  • Create Catering Orders related to a booking and see Orders on the corresponding bookings page 

  • Update Order Status Settings  

  • Create & Manage Orders from the Member and Company profile pages (to learn more about the Orders and Order Statuses you can follow this link).

  • Filter Fees page by Order ID (Community/Fees)

The F&B Ordering feature in OfficeRnD enables your team to easily create Goods & Orders. When they are created in your account, you allow your members to add catering to Bookings and to place Orders.

You can then activate Marketplace and Orders from Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages/Enable Marketplace and Orders. Then the Members will be able to:

  • Purchase Goods from Marketplace 

  • See placed Orders 

  • Place catering Order related to a booking 


Goods are a new Billing plan type that allows Admins to define and manage Food & Beverages.

If you would like to add Goods you need to navigate to the section Billing & Products/Goods/Add Goods and click either on the blue tab on the top left or select the button "Add goods" in the middle of the screen like it is shown below: 


When you click on "Add Goods"  a window with the following attributes will show up:

    • General Tab where you have to specify:

  •  - the *Name of the goods,
  • - upload a Photo,
  • - add Description,
  • - include the *Price (where you can add the price or select if the Plan can be paid with coins)
  • - and select the *Store from the menu:
  • Good_General_tab.png
  • Note: The required fields are marked with an asterisk sign. To add the Stores you need to navigate to Billing & Products/Stores/Add Store. More about Stores, you will learn below.
    • Billing Tab - where you can select:

  •  - Revenue Account and
  •  - mark up the price with a specific percentage when enabling Price Markup:

- Features - Request Approval (approval required upon purchase) and Allow cancellation (allow members to request cancellation)

- Privacy  - select whether the goods would be available on sign up for Drop-in users or only for Active members),

- add a Link (URL),

- select Category of the goods for example "Drinks" (you can add Categories in Billing & Products > Categories > Add Category),

- add a Tag, for example, "Vegan, Gluten-Free or else). The tags are displayed on the Goods card in the Store Shop. 


Note: The Goods can be added to multiple Categories and Stores and they are linked to Stores. 

If you would like to Edit or Delete Goods you can do it from here:


If you would like to export all available Goods, you can use the Export button on top. 


You can also Filter the goods by Category by using the Filter button on top.



Stores allow spaces to offer F&B and other goods from multiple vendors (e.g. Space Cafe and Restaurant, Local restaurant, Catering provider, etc.) per location. This way they help spaces boost revenue from additional services. 

If you would like to add Stores to your organization, you can go to Billing&Products/Stores/Add Store.


Once you add the Stores they will be ordered alphabetically:


Note: Please have in mind that one Store can deliver to multiple locations. You can add Goods to your Stores. 

You as an Admin would be able to Create, Edit, Delete Stores and these are the fields that should be filled in when adding a Store:

    • General tab

      • - Name*
      • - Logo* and Cover photo*
      • - Description
      • - URL, Email, Phone 
      • - Business hours*
      • - Timezone*
      • - Is Open (if the Store is operational)
      • - Locations - where the Store will be available
      • The required fields are marked with an asterisk* sign.
      • Add_Store_General_Tab.png
    • Address tab - in this tab you can fill in the Address of the Store:
  • Add_Store_Address_tab.png 
    • Billing Tab
  •  - Tax Rate Policy - select the policy from the drop-down menu. More about how to set up tax rate policies you can find here.
  • Add_Store_Billing_Tab.png
    • Products tab
  •  - Displays all Goods added to the store and their categories. 
  • Tip: If one Good is present in several categories it is displayed under each category. When a Store is deleted, the Store is removed from the Goods to which it was added.
Note: If you would like to learn more about the Orders and Order Statuses you can follow this link.
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