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The F&B Ordering feature handles Orders of different Goods available in the Stores. You can enable this feature from Settings/Platform Modules/Foods & Beverage. Click here to learn more about Goods and Stores.

Note: F&B Ordering is a Premium feature that needs to be activated by the OfficeRnD Sales team. Please, reach out to

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In this article, you will learn more about how Orders and Order Statuses are managed from the OfficeRnD Admin portal.


Add Orders

To create an order as an Admin, navigate to Community/Orders and click on Add Order. The order creation process has 3 steps: 

Step 1 - Contact Details

In this step, you need to fill in the required fields (with an asterisk sign) and define the following:


  • Booking Reference Number - if the order is linked to a meeting room booking

  • Contact * - Select Company, Select Member, or Add New Member

  • Location * - the Location you are in

  • Store - from which the purchase will be made

  • Deliver To * - choose the resource for delivery in the selected Location

  • Delivery Time * - either ASAP or an Exact time

Note: Please note that linking a Booking reference number to an order means the Contact, Location, and Delivery to fields will be automatically populated and disabled. In such cases, the time of delivery is somewhere between the booking start and end time.

Step 2 - Select Products 

In the second step, you will see a list of Goods that are available in the selected Store. As an Admin, you can search for goods by Name and filter them by Category. The prices, however, exclude local taxes and fees.

You can find the total amount due in the member invoice once it's generated.


Step 3 -  Place an Order

In the third step, the Order summary is displayed along with a field where you can add an Order note:


The order will be recorded in the grid in Community/Orders:
Note: If the Order is related to a booking, the Admins and Members will receive a Booking update email notification.
Note: When the Order is placed, the one-off fees will be created. They are visible under Community/Fees or in the link below the order's name for all included Goods. Additionally, an email notification will be sent to Members and Admins.

Personal Order Creation

We have introduced an option for creating Personal Orders from the Admin Portal. The feature works similarly to how personal fees and memberships are created.

There is a Bill to Member option when an Admin is creating orders. If the checkbox is selected, the system creates a Personal order with all fees associated with it. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Navigate to Community/Orders.
  2. Click on the Add Order button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select a company from the Contact field and a member afterwards.
  4. Enable the Bill to Member option in order to invoice and charge the member’s personal payment details for this order.
  5. Fill in the other fields in the dialog box and finalize the order creation.


How to manage your Orders

Navigate to Community/Orders and you will be able to:

  • See all Orders sorted by Creation Date (newest to oldest)

  • Sort Orders by Creation Date and Time of Delivery

  • Filter Orders by Company, Creation Date, Time of Delivery, Deliver To, Store and Status

  •  Generate the order as PDF

  • Change the order status

  •  Select multiple Orders and execute bulk actions:

    • Order Status Change - available only for Orders which are in one and the same status

    • Download Orders in CSV or PDF (the PDF file can be customized in Settings/Templates/Order template)

      Note: Placed Orders are displayed on the Company and Member pages

Order Statuses 

You as an admin can view and customize Order Statuses from Settings/Platform/Foods & Beverage. Admins are able to:

  • Enable or Disable the F&B Ordering feature if it's included in your subscription plan

  • See the default statuses in a grid: Received, Confirmed, In Progress, Completed, Declined

order stats.png

The status of the Order can be seen also in Community/Orders:


The status and the summary of Orders is also visible in the Member portal under Account/Orders:

Note: Order Statuses can be changed only forward. If they have end statuses like Completed or Declined, the Order status can't be changed. Likewise, Invoiced Orders can’t be changed to status Declined.

As an Admin, you are able to edit Order Status fields:

    • Label

    • Description

    • Color

    • Notifications (the email templates can be updated from Settings/Templates)

edit order stst.png

Download Orders

You can download Order Summaries (one or multiple orders) in a PDF file:

1. Navigate to Community/Orders.
2. Click on the cogwheel next to an order and choose Generate PDF:

3. (optional) Select multiple orders and click on the Download PDF button  dl btn.png.

Note: You can change the .PDF file's layout by editing the template in Settings/Templates/Order template.

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