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Tax Rates allow you to apply different tax rates to items that you, as an admin, invoice to your customers. Tax rates are added and configured under Settings > Billing > Tax Rates. You can Add, Edit and Delete tax rates and each tax rate may have several components.

To learn more about how to set tax rates, please click here

If your organization got multiple locations around the globe and you would like to set different tax policies which are set by your government to what taxes to levy, you as an operator could set tax policies in OfficeRnD so that members or companies are invoiced not by the default tax rate but with the tax policies created in the system. 




In order to apply different tax policies, navigate to Settings > Billing > Tax Rates from the admin portal.

Follow the steps enlisted on the Tax Rates help article to create a rate to which a tax policy could be created. 

Add a tax rate policy by clicking on the Add Tax rate policy button. By default, the revenue account page pops up where you could name what the tax policy should be called, and set different tax rates for your fees and deposits that need to be charged for members and companies in a particular location. 




For example, you have a location in the US territory and the second location is in Europe, specific tax policy could be created for the US and another one for Europe so that customer membership and fees are invoiced correctly as per the tax policy enlisted on their legislation.




Once you have created your tax policy then the final step is to configure the created tax policy to the location. 

Navigate to Space > Locations > Click on the Location > Navigate to Billing Details to do so.

 Note: The Billing Details tab won't be visible unless you create a tax policy first.




When you click on the billing details, you are able to see the Tax Rate Policy which is a drop-down list from where you select the tax policy created for your location. 




Once you have configured different tax policies for all your locations, when you add an invoice or when an invoice is automatically generated by the system, member or companies are invoices as per the tax policy created for their membership fees and deposit and not by the default tax rate. 


Note: If you are wondering how to add a location so that the tax policies could be applied, check our help documentation on "How to Add a Location". 


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