Set Up Different Tax Rate Policies for Locations


Tax Rates allow you to apply different tax rates to items being invoiced to your customers. Tax rates are added and configured under Settings/Billing/Tax Rates. There, you can Add, Edit and Delete tax rates with several components. Click here to learn how to set up tax rates.

Tax Policies

Tax rates are governed by tax policies. If your organization has multiple locations around the globe, OfficeRnD lets you set up different tax policies according to local regulations. Thus, members and companies will be invoiced accordingly.

To set up tax policies, navigate to Settings/Billing (1) and click on the Tax Rates tab (2). Next, click on the Add Tax Rate policy button (3).


The Add Tax Rate Policy window appears where you can:

  • Name the new tax policy.
  • Set different tax rates for any fees and deposits that will be charged for the members and companies of a particular location. 
Learn how to set up tax rates here.



For example, you may have one location in the US, and a second location in Europe. Therefore, specific tax policies should be created for each location so that customer membership and fees are invoiced appropriately.


Location Assignments

Once the tax policies have been created, they must be assigned to the right locations. Navigate to Space/Locations and click on the desired location to open the Edit Location window. Enter the Billing Details tab.

Read "How to Add a Location if you want to learn how locations are created. 
The Billing Details tab won't be visible unless you create a tax policy first.


Click on the drop-down list and select the appropriate Tax Rate Policy for your location. Then, click the Update button.

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