Resources Report

The Resource Report gives you a brief summary of all your resources per type and per location. Here you'll be able to see all sorts of useful data that can help you get a better grasp of how many resources you have per location, what sort of revenue they're generating etc - this is something that's very important if you're going to manage your space efficiently.


You can filter the report by date, which means that you can look at the state of your resources for a specific time frame.

The data that you're seeing in the report is listed by location - you can scroll through the report to see the details for each location or you can use the global filter at the center part of the top of every page in the admins portal in order to see the data for a specific location.

Note: If a resource's availability date doesn't start at the beginning of the month, i.e the 1st -  it won't be counted toward the total number of resources of this type in the report. However, any target and revenue amount associated with that resource will still be visible and will be accounted for. 

For each location you'll be able to see a total section, of which data is separated into the following parts:

  • Desks - this shows the number of desks that are associated with an office. This number can be set manually by selecting a size for the office or automatically if the size of the office is left empty, the system will calculate the number of desks that have the specific office for a parent.
  • Memberships - this shows the number of assigned active memberships that are associated with this type of resource for the month.
  • Occupancy - the number here represents the ratio of the currently occupied resources to the total number of resources in percentages.
  • Revenue Occupancy - this value compares the target that's been set for a specific resource to the actual revenue for this resource type.
    This means that if you have a target for the resource of 1000, but the membership that's being assigned for that membership is for less than 1000, the revenue occupancy will be less than 100%.
  • Revenue - here you can see the amount that's being generated from memberships for the specific resource type. If the membership doesn't span the whole month, the amount will be prorated accordingly.
  • Target - this number represents the target billing plan/s that's used for the specific resource type, this value depends on the resources availability date and is prorated accordingly.
    If you have a private office that has an availability date that doesn't span the whole month, the target amount will be prorated.

Below the total section, you'll see that there's a breakdown of the report for each resource type - this includes custom resources if such have been created in the system.

For the desk type resources there's an additional value that's not present in the total section:

  • Occupied desks - this number represents the total number of occupied desks of the type for the month. 

In the top right section of the page, you'll see that there's a view chart button - by clicking this you'll be taken to the Dashboard > Occupancy section - more on that here

Like all of our reports, this data can be exported by clicking the Export button at the top right corner of the page.

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