[Legacy] Revenue Balance


This Legacy report will remain accessible until the close of 2024.

The balance report provides information about the deposits, one-off payments, recurring payments, the sum of all revenue for the given client, and the invoiced payments.

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Balance Report

The report can display different months, depending on the period that was selected. You can also view the report based on the status of the companies.

You can switch between tabs from the default All to Drop-In, Active and Former. The payments for the time frame will be automatically summed up under the five columns.

Each row of the report represents one of the space's companies. The rows are split into five different sections:

  1. Deposits - This section displays the total amount of refundable fees, the sum of refunded deposits and the amount of not refunded deposits. 
    Please note that the deposits section doesn't respect the applied date filters, because this is an amount that is held by the company for an undefined amount of time, so it should be always visible.
  2. One-off - This section displays the total amount of one-off fees. Like the Deposits column, it also displays the amount of paid fees and the amount of unpaid fees.
  3. Recurring - This section displays the sum of all membership fees.
  4. Revenue - This section displays the amount of the prices of all memberships and one-off fees applied in the selected period.
  5. Invoiced - This section displays the sum of all invoiced payments.

Additionally, you can type the name of a company in the search bar and you can sort any of the columns by clicking on their name.

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