Bottomline PT-X


Bottomline PT-X is a payment provider that's available exclusively in the United Kingdom.
It supports direct debit payments for UK bank accounts only.

Never disconnect a payment integration if you have pending payments!


Note: This integration is available in the members portal, but is not available on public calendar and signup pages.


Instructions on How to Connect

Connecting to the Bottomline PT-X account is not entirely automatic as some steps require manual work from the support/account manager on PT-X's side, which you should request from them.

  1. API Access user and its credentials will be needed - this can be created by PT-X support.

    Note: This user should have its Two-Factor Authentication and Password Expiration set to disabled as these can’t be handled by the API connection.

  2. Activate the PT-X integration in OfficeRnD and fill the needed information

    1. Company - used to display the organization's name.

    2. Login Email - is the email of the API Access User that will be used to authenticate to PT-X.

    3. Password - is the password of the API Access User that will be used to authenticate to PT-X.

    4. Mandate Message - is the message that is displayed once the granting of the e-Mandate flow is completed.

    5. Transaction Duration - The number of days needed for the payment transaction to close.
      This value is used to define how many days in advance an invoice should be charged so that the payment can be collected in time for the invoice due date.
      The default value is 0, but it should be set to a value greater than 1, because PT-X can’t process the payment that quick. It takes at least a couple of days to process the transaction after it's requested.

      Note: The value here isn't business days but calendar days. This should be taken into account and a greater value should be set in order to account for non-business days, such as weekends.


How e-Mandates Work

This is the direct debit mandate a member should create so that you can charge their bank account.

On the admin side, you can go to the profile of a customer and click the + button under Payment Details in order to send a mandate request:


In the members portal, members can go to Billing/Payment Details and request a direct debit mandate from there:

In both cases an email from PT-X will be sent. Once the flow is completed, e-Mandate will be attached to the respective member/company.

How Paper Mandates Work

There is a manual way - a member giving a mandate to the organization with a paper document.
If this is the case with a member, this paper mandate should be manually recorded in the PT-X contact matching the OfficeRnD member by the organization admins. Then, there is a manual way of attaching it to OfficeRnD. Please contact to help you out.


How Does the Sync Work

The integration will sync mandates from PT-X to OfficeRnD automatically if certain conditions have been met:

  • The mandate has an Active Status in PT-X.
If the mandate's status changes to something else (SUSPENDED, CANCELLED, DELETED, DRAFT, this is going to remove the mandate from OfficeRnD). Changing a mandate back to Active is going to sync it again.
  • Email addresses for a PT-x Contact and an OfficeRnD Member/Company across both platforms should be matching.
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