Custom Calendar For Bookable Custom Resources


The calendar that we have in OfficeRND only shows meeting rooms, which means that any other resource type that you'd like to be bookable won't be visible in this calendar.

To resolve this you can create separate calendars depending on the resource type. For more information on resource types and how you can create custom resources, please visit our article here.

Note: Please make sure that the resource you've created has the option "Can Book" enabled, otherwise it will not be bookable in calendars.

Note: You should also create a separate resource rate for the custom resource so that a price can be applied for any created bookings. More on resource rates and how to create them here.

How to create the calendar

After you've created a custom resource you can go to Settings->Resource Types and click on the cogwheel - you can select Add members portal calendar page, which will open a new window that you can use to create the calendar.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see that there's a section called Custom Pages.

More information on what else you can do with custom pages here.

If you click on Add Page you'll now see, that a new window has opened.


In this window, you'll be able to specify some settings for your page. The first thing that you need to set it that the type of the page has to be chosen to be a Calendar type.

After you select the type of the page you'll be able to set the following things:

  • Order - the position in which the calendar will appear in the members portal, just enter a number here and the system will then order the pages in the members portal accordingly.
  • Title - the name of the page that you and your customers will be able to see in the members portal.
  • Icon - you can select an icon from the list that will appear next to the name of the page.
  • Type - this needs to be set to Calendar in order for the page to be able to display bookable resources.
  • Resource type - this drop-down lets you select the custom resource that you've created in Settings->Resource Types.

When you're done setting up the page you can click the Add button, which will then create the page, this means that it should now be visible in the members portal.


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