Create A Booking And/Or A Cancellation Policy

A co-working space usually needs specific booking and cancelation policies for its meeting rooms. Thus, OfficeRnD lets you define Booking and Cancellation policies in the form of presets. Once created, they can be applied to each meeting room's resource rate. This video walks you through the process.

Action Items

  1. Configure your booking policy for internal and external members within your space. Learn how to do this by following the steps listed in this article.
  2. Create cancellation policies for internal and external members within your organization. For more details, click click here.
  3. Link the booking/cancellation policy to the resource rate of the meeting room. Go to Billing/Resource rates and use this help article.
  4. Keep in mind that the Booking Policy rules do not affect bookings created from the admin side of OfficeRnD.

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