Marketplace on the Members portal - Orders & Catering for Bookings

The Marketplace feature allows members on the members portal to see all available Stores per location and purchase Goods from them. The Marketplace page appears when the setting is enabled by Admin in the platform from Settings > Apps > Member Pages > Marketplace

F&B Ordering is a premium feature that is included in the Branded Apps package. F&B Ordering can be activated by the OfficeRnD sales team. First, the admins have to reach out to them at:

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On the Members portal by clicking on the Marketplace feature the members are able to:

  • Select Store 

  • Review Goods and add them to the cart  

  • Select Delivery details, add a Note and

  • Purchase Goods 




The successful purchase creates an Order which can be seen in Account > Orders:


Note: The Members can make an Order only from a single Store at a time and they can’t add Goods from multiple Stores to the same cart. The Goods added to the cart will be kept there when the member is navigating to the other pages in the Members Portal.
Note: The e-commerce purchase flows set in Settings -> Apps -> e-Commerce apply for the Marketplace. More about the purchase flow you can read here


The Orders page appears when the setting is enabled by an admin here: Settings > Apps > Member Pages > Orders: 


The members can easily find their Orders in Account > Orders where they are visualized from the Newest to the Oldest Order based on Delivery Date and Time.

Note: The Orders page displays all company and personal orders of members if the member is added as a Contact or Billing person for the company. More on these permissions, you can check here

When the Order is related to a booking members can see a link to the booking in the Delivery details column. By clicking on the small arrow on the right the members can access the Order detail page where they can find the general information, delivery details, and products. If the Order is related to a booking there is a reference to it on top of the page:




Catering for bookings

Members can place an order related to a booking in the Members Portal.

To enable the catering flow the Admins should:

  • Mark Store as type Catering > Available for Catering

  • Enable the Orders page from Settings -> Apps -> Member Pages -> Orders


The catering process has the following steps:

  • Create booking 

  • Select Add Catering from the Bookings grid/ Booking Detail page or Booking Confirmation email

  • Select Store

  • Select products from the Store

  • Configure delivery details 

  • Place catering order  


After a successful booking, the members land on the Booking Detail page. The members are able to directly add catering from the page. Members can add catering from:

  • Booking detail page

  • Bookings grid 

  • Booking confirmation email 

By clicking on “Add Catering” members are redirected to the Marketplace where they see all Stores available for catering. Members continue their order in the context of the booking and select goods. They can choose a time of delivery within the booking and add a delivery note. The successful placement of a catering order results in: 


  • Creation of order with reference to the booking

  • Displaying Booking Reference on the Order page 

  • Displaying Order summary on the Booking detail page 

  • Displaying Order ID on the Bookings page 


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