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We at OfficeRnD value our customers the same way we value our product. Our team of professionals helps customers by solving their technical issues, teach them how to use our product in the best possible way, and answer to any questions that could elevate the business growth. 


Type of Customer Service 

There are a few different ways you can reach out to our support team: 

1. Email 

Most of our customer communication is still requested and delivered via email because of 2 reasons - they are effective and efficient. Customers prefer to contact our support team over email as we provide a human touch over a computer. 

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and skip customer service email templates to give a personal touch to all our replies. 

Customers can contact our support team via email either by submitting a ticket or writing us to

You can send us a direct message from the admin portal by clicking on the support help icon from the bottom right side of the screen. 




2. Live Chat 

For speedy customer service and quick replies - contact our support team over live chat. Our live chat is operated by agents and not chatbots. 

You can contact our agents through live chat by clicking on the support help icon from the bottom right side of the admin portal. 




3. Phone (Beta) 

OfficeRnD provides inbound and outbound phone service to active clients with a valid ultimate support package. To learn more about support services and support packages, please click here

If you are an active customer using OfficeRnD platform and would like to call our support phone line, please follow the below guidelines: 

  1. Contact our support line through the support phone number that you can get from our sales or support team. 
  2. Enter your unique customer number on your phone keypad.
  3. Agree/Disagree for call recording. 
  4. Get connected to our support agent. 

How to use the phone service? 

You can contact our support team over the phone line to report the following: 

  • Report a SEV 1 or Critical issue on the platform. 
    • A problem is preventing the platform from functioning normally and there is no workaround to enable you to continue executing your business operations.
  • Report a SEV 2 or Restricted Operations issue.
    • A less severe problem that may restrict the usage of the platform but does not prevent it from operating.
  • To get a status update on a submitted ticket. 
  • To raise the ticket severity level of a reported case. 
  • To report an incident on the platform.   
    • An incident is when the platform stops working for your organization or there is a system downtime. Get Officernd system status from here




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