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In this article, we're going to deep dive into the Bookings & Utilization Analytics Dashboard. With this dashboard, you can keep track of the KPIs regarding the bookings your members make and the utilization of the resources. 

Before we start with the statistics presented in this dashboard it will be a good idea to know the useful options that are available for each dashboard from the Analytics Module. These options are the Filters, Subscriptions, Exporting, and Widgets and you can learn more about them here - Analytics Module.


The Bookings & Utilization dashboard can be found under Analytics/Bookings & Utilization.


On the top of the page, you can see the three main dashboards that will help you take a quick glimpse at your most important booking statistics.


  • Number of Bookings - this is the total number of bookings made for the time period specified in the Date Filter.
  • Bookings Duration in Hours - here you can see what is the duration of all bookings. For example, you have 5 bookings for the last 7 days and each booking's duration is 1 hour. The duration of all bookings for the last 7 days will be 5 hours.
  • Avg. Booking Duration in Hours - this metric is the average duration of all bookings for the given time period. For example, you have 5 bookings for the last 7 days and each booking's duration is 1 hour. The average booking duration will be 1 hour.

If you want to check when was the last time the data in the dashboard was synced you can click on the information icon.



  • Total Booking Duration in Hours Split by Paid/Free - in this chart, you can see the booking duration per month.
    • You can also view what portion of the bookings are free or paid. The free bookings are the ones without a fee associated with them, this includes bookings that are 0-fee priced, paid with coins or hourly credits. You can include or exclude the Paid and Free bookings. Animation2.gif
    • If you click on one of the months you'll be able to drill down the statistic even further. Once you want to return to the original view you can click the button "Clear Selection". Animation1.gif


  • % Utilization of Resource per Month - in this chart you can see what percentage of the time available for a resource is actually booked. This is calculated by taking the business hours of the location divided by the booking hours of the resources. By hovering over the trend line (the dotted line) you can see the minimum, maximum, median, and average percent utilization. Animation3.gif


  • Top Resources by % Utilization Ranked - here you can see the utilization per resource and which one of the resources is the most or the least popular. Using this information you can make changes to your meeting rooms, increase the price for the most popular ones or make the least popular meeting rooms more pleasant for the members. Animation4.gif


  • Most Booked Day of the Week by Avg. Booking Duration - here you can see which day of the week is the most popular for booking. Using this information you can better organize your staff members or make special offers for the least popular days.mceclip1.png


  • Customers Ranked by Most Booking Duration in Hours - on the last chart you can see which customers create the majority of the bookings. Using this data you can identify your most active clients and give them special offers. You can also find the members that are not actively booking the meeting rooms and ask them how you can improve the experience. The_Gabriella_s_Space___OfficeRnD_-_Google_Chrome_2021-06-25_18.26.19.png


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