How to Refund a Deposit

In this help article, we will take a look at how to refund a paid deposit by using a Credit Note.

When someone has paid a deposit, you might want to refund it, because they are leaving, etc.

There's an alternative way to refund the deposit of a customer by issuing a credit note for the invoice which originally included the deposit, more on that here.

Note: You can only record the refund in OfficeRnD. Before recording the deposit held refund by using the method below, please issue the refund through your payment gateway or an alternate method such as cheque or cash.
The above applies if you'll be returning the deposit to the customer and not allocating it to an existing invoice.

In the example below, we will use a demo company with a 100 Lev deposit held.

It can be done quickly and easily in the following way.

  1. Navigate to the profile of the Member/Company.
  2. Navigate to the "Invoices" section of the profile.
  3. Click "Add Credit Note".
  4. Check the "Credit Deposit Held" checkbox and click on the line item edit button.mceclip0.png
  5. In the "Unit Price" field, input the amount of the deposit held you will be refunding and click the checkmark button in order to save the change.mceclip1.png
  6. Click "Add" in order to create the credit note.
  7. Open the newly created credit note.
  8. Click on the "Add Refund" button.mceclip2.png
  9. Select the method that was used for issuing the refund and the amount and hit "Add".mceclip3.png

Now the deposit held in the profile of the company will be lowered, based on how much you refunded. In the example above, before the refund, the company had a 100 Lev deposit held, and now it has 0.mceclip4.png



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