Enable Floorplan Booking on the Member Apps


With OfficeRnD Flex, you can let your members book desks, meeting rooms and custom resources via an interactive floorplan. This way, they can see the exact location of the resource they are booking in advance.


Note: The video shows an older UI, but the instructions generally remain the same.

Before You Start

Before you enable the floorplan booking functionality on the members portal, you need to allow your members to book meeting rooms and hot desks.

Enable HotDesks and Meeting Room Booking 

  • Navigate to Settings/Member Apps/Member Pages
  • In the list, make sure to check the Meeting Rooms Booking and Hotdesks Booking options


Update Your Floorplans

Review your floorplans and make sure that your meeting rooms, hotdesks, or custom assignable resources are properly allocated and displayed. You can learn more from the articles below:

Enable Floorplan Booking

In order to enable the floorplan booking, you need to enable Floorplan calendar view in Settings/Platform Modules/Calendar & Bookings and click Update:

floorplan cal view.png

Enable Booking of Custom Resources 

If you create a bookable custom resource, you can allow your members to book it via the members portal. 


Access the Floorplan Booking on the Members Portal

Your members can open the floorplan view for every bookable resource available on the members portal by clicking on the calendar icon. They will only be able to see the available desks and meeting rooms. 

fp view.png

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