Set Up a Booking Policy

In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can define a set of rules to control the terms and conditions of a booking. In this article you will learn how to add a booking policy and assign it to a bookable resource such as a desk or a meeting room. 

  • Navigate to Settings/Platform and stay on the default tab, named Calendar & Bookings.
  • Scroll down to the Booking Policies section of the page and click Add Policy.
  • Describe the policy rules:
    • Name - The name of the booking policy. This is the only mandatory field.
    • Max Duration - Maximum time allowance for booking a room.
    • Allow Recurring Bookings - Enable to allow members to create recurring bookings. 
    • Limit Recurring Bookings Span - Limits the recurring bookings' time span of member/ public bookings. You can set it up to a maximum of 24 months from the day of the booking's creation.
    • Limit Future Bookings - Limits the maximum allowed months from today that the booking can be booked for. The maximum amount for this setting is 24 months.
    • Limit Time Before Start of Booking -  Add a "notice period" for bookings. Members would not be able to book a room immediately, they would need to book for X time after the current moment.
    • Request Approval - If enabled, bookings for the rooms using that policy will be created as Tentative bookings until an admin approves them.
    • Require Checkin - This option enables an automatic cancellation process. If members do not check for the booking within the set amount of time the booking will be canceled. More details can be found here.
      Note: The maximum time you can set here is 15 minutes.
    • Send booking reminders - This option enables the sending of reminders to the member before the booking starts. Additional information can be found here.
      Note: The maximum time you can set here is 360(6 hours) minutes.
    • Disable Back to Back Bookings - The "Disable back to back bookings" feature is explained in more detail in another article. Click here to see it if you are interested.
      Note: The limit for the back-to-back buffer time is 30 minutes.
  • Active/Non-Active Member Rules - Choose whether you'd like the same set of rules for active and non-active members or not.

Next, learn how to create a booking cancellation policy.

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