Change a Resource on a Floorplan

In OfficeRnD Hybrid you can describe all available office rooms, spaces and desks that your employees can occupy or book as resources

Once you upload and configure your floorplans in the platform, you will be able to click and select desks, offices, and other resources and interact with them to:

  • Set availability;
  • Assign employees and teams;
  • Restrict access;
  • Set capacity limitations, and more.
Before you start, let our team upload and draw the floorplans for you by emailing them to  Or manually upload and configure your floorplans following this tutorial.

Change a Resource on the Floorplan

  • Navigate to Space/Locations
  • Click on the floor, where you want to change an existing resource
  • Select the resource
  • On the right-hand side, click Change and select a different resource.


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