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In OfficeRnD Hybrid, you can easily integrate your Outlook Calendar and sync your meeting room bookings across both platforms. This way, any bookings made in OfficeRnD Hybrid will be synced to your Outlook Calendar and vice versa.


What is Supported

  • When a booking is Created/Updated/Canceled in OfficeRnD Hybrid, it is sent to the meeting room, organizer, and guests' calendars in Outlook.
  • When a booking is Created/Updated/Canceled in Outlook, it is sent to the OfficeRnD Hybrid's calendar.
  • The integration works for one-off and recurring bookings (as well as for exceptions of the recurrence).
  • If the meeting organizer does not check in for their booking, the meeting will be canceled on our end and removed from the meeting room's calendar in Outlook. The event will be kept in the organizer's calendar and the guests' calendars (if there are any).
  • Deleted Outlook bookings will remain as Canceled on OfficeRnD.
  • When the integration is synced manually (pressing the Sync button), we'll copy from your Outlook Calendar all future bookings and the historic bookings for the past 3 months and we will re-create them in OfficeRnD Hybrid
  • We cannot fetch bookings from Outlook that have been created more than 3 months ago. This also applies to recurring bookings - if they have been created more than 3 months ago, we cannot sync any of the occurrences. The slots will be blocked for booking in OfficeRnD since they are blocked in Outlook.
  • Any restrictions made to meeting rooms in terms of their Privacy setting or any policies applied are not supported. If you have limited the room to a single team in OfficeRnD, for example, the room will be free for everyone to book on Outlook's end.

Note: For meeting room bookings made outside Hybrid (i.e. Outlook, Google Calendar), the system will enforce the Request approval and Require Check-in policies as configured in Hybrid. However, any other policies (i.e. booking duration, future bookings, ad-hoc bookings) will be based on your setup in the external application.

Here is a short overview of how to connect and use the integration:

How To Activate the Integration

Important: You'd need to create all meeting rooms in OfficeRnD Hybrid prior to connecting the integration. 
  1. Open your OfficeRnD Hybrid account.
  2. Navigate to Settings/Integrations.
  3. Expand Calendar.
  4. Next to Outlook Rooms, click Activate.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Login with an аdmin Office 365 account.
    Please bear in mind you have to use an administrator Microsoft 365 account as the integration requires a certain set of permissions to be granted.
  7. Click Configure.
  8. Map the OfficeRnD meeting rooms to your Outlook meeting rooms.
  9. Finalize by hitting the Done button.



The integration requires the following permissions:

  • Read all company places - Allows to show a list of Meeting Rooms so they can be mapped to Rooms in OfficeRnD
  • Read all users' full profiles - Allows OfficeRnD to read user profiles to resolve resource Room email from Webhook resource ID.
  • Read and write calendars in all mailboxes - Used by OfficeRnD to read and write events to Outlook. When a new event is added to Outlook, Read permission is used to add the event to OfficeRnD. When a new event is added to OfficeRnD, Write permission is used to add it to Outlook.
  • Sign in and read user profile - Shown in the page when User.Read is added.


The following issues are known and documented. They are caused by the default setting for meeting room resources on Exchange which can be fixed by Exchange admins using Powershell:

  • The written details in room calendars are not showing when accepted - click here.
  • The room calendar doesn't show the title for the meeting, just the person who created it - click here.
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  • Hi Krasto. it's unclear if custom resource types can be synced to the calendar.

  • Hi support

    It says in there that for us to "connect" it would need an administrator account. Is this just one time connect using an admin account? The reason I asked is that we have a user that is not an admin account, and would like to add OfficeRND to their outlook account. We do have a dedicated admin account, and our concern is that if connect using our admin account, would it be now using as the main account for using the OfficeRND or just for connecting purposes?

    Thank you.


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