Dedicated Support Specialist

If you have an Ultimate Support Package, you are entitled to the services of a Dedicated Support Specialist. The goal of the role is to provide you with a unique benefit that will make your support experience stand out from the crowd. You will be able to make a professional connection with a specific support specialist which will help you get support services tailored to your personal needs. 

Scope of Service

  • You can schedule weekly calls with your Dedicated Support Specialist. Use them to discuss all questions or issues which you might face while using our platform. 
  • All of your support requests will be handled with priority by your Dedicated Support Specialist
  • You will receive a personalized style of communication. Let your Dedicated Support Specialist know if you prefer longer descriptions or remote sessions, it's totally up to you. 
  • The more you work together, the more your Dedicated Support Specialist will be able to recognize your specific business needs and in turn will be able to provide solutions tailored to meet them whenever that is possible.
Your support requests might be handled by other support specialists as well, depending on the availability of the Dedicated Support Specialist at the time of their arrival. If your case needs to be solved immediately, we will make sure that you get help from the most qualified person on our team as soon as possible. 
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