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In OfficeRnD Hybrid you can connect your Google Calendar rooms to the platform and sync bookings across both platforms.

The OfficeRnD Hybrid for Google Calendar Extension for Google Chrome is available to manage bookings and meetings from inside Google Calendar.

What is Supported

  • When a booking is Created/Updated/Canceled in OfficeRnD Hybrid, it syncs the meeting room, organizer, and guests' calendars in Google Calendar.
  • When a booking is Created/Updated/Canceled in Google Calendar, it syncs with OfficeRnD Hybrid's calendar.
  • The integration works for one-off and recurring bookings.
  • The initial sync between OfficeRnD Hybrid and Google Calendar syncs all bookings from the past 3 months from Google Calendar to the OfficeRnD Hybrid calendars. 

What is Not Supported

  • The integration cannot sync exceptions from Google (editing/updating a single booking from a recurring series in Google.).
  • Any restrictions made to meeting rooms in terms of their Privacy setting or any policies applied. If you have limited the room to a single team in OfficeRnD, for example, the room will be free for everyone to book on Google's end.
  • Deleting an exception of a recurring booking from OfficeRnD cannot be synced to Google. There, it will remain as an occupied slot.
  • Deleting or canceling a series of recurring bookings with exceptions will only delete the series and leave the exceptions (this is expected behavior in OfficeRnD). In Google, however, the exceptions are deleted with the series.

Note: For meeting room bookings made outside Hybrid (i.e. Outlook, Google Calendar), the system will enforce the Request approval and Require Check-in policies as configured in Hybrid. However, any other policies (i.e. booking duration, future bookings, ad-hoc bookings) will be based on your setup in the external application.

How To Activate the Integration

Here you can watch our video on setting up and using the Google Calendar integration. Written instructions are also available below.

Note: The video and instructions below show a slightly older version of the Hybrid UI, but the steps remain the same.

Important: Before integrating OfficeRnD Hybrid with your Google Calendar, go ahead and re-create all Google Calendar meeting rooms in OfficeRnD. Alternatively, if you have them in a CSV file, you can import them as resources in OfficeRnD Hybrid by navigating to Settings/Import/Resources.
  1. Open your OfficeRnD Hybrid account.
  2. Navigate to Settings/Integrations.
  3. Expand Calendar.
  4. Next to Google Calendar, click Activate.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Login with an Admin Google account.
    Important: Please make sure you are using an Admin Google Account to connect the integration. You will not be able to proceed with a non-administrator account. Please also make sure this admin account has Calendar app enabled in Google.
  7. Allow the integration rules in the pop-up window.
  8. Click Configure.
  9. Map the OfficeRnD Hybrid meeting rooms to your Google Calendar meeting rooms.
  10. Finalize the integration by hitting the Done button.


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