Enable Multi-Organization Linking

If you have multiple organizations (accounts) within OfficeRnD Flex, you can take advantage of our global mobility options. While keeping your admin organizations separate, you can enable your members to switch between your members portals and browse through all the locations under your brand. This way members who travel between different locations and countries will have seamless experience booking services and rooms from within the members portal. Read More.


How To Enable Multi-Organization Linking

What Should I Consider Before Enabling Multi-Organization Linking

  • Before enabling the Multi-organization linking, decide how to present the switch option to your members. You can label the option as:
    • Switch Organization,
    • Switch Country, or
    • Switch Space
  • Then get the names of all admin organizations, which members' portals should be linked together:

  • Discuss internally the timeline that works best for your team and community. As this operation would affect your community, it is critical that we align the development time needed for the change with your internal plan. Please consider that the merge of the portals takes up to 2 weeks
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