Order Policies

Order policies allow admins to configure ordering rules for Active and Non-Active members and apply them to Stores. You can select Name, Preparation Time for Active and Non-active Members.

Preparation Time

The preparation time rule allows admins to set a period of time.

Create Your Order Policy Through the Admin Portal

Before applying an Order Policy to a Store it should be created and configured from Settings/Platform/Orders where you can create your policy.

Admins could set up:

  • Name of the policy:
  • Preparation Time Define if the preparation time is in Minutes or Hours
  • Member Rule Define if the preparation time for active and non-active members is different


How to Assign an Order Policy to a Store

  1. Once created the Order Policy could be linked to a Store from Billing & Products/Stores/Edit Button.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and select your order policy:

Member Portal:

When an Order Policy is associated with a Store the implications on the member experience are:

  • Members and Non-members are able to order F&B from the Marketplace or add Catering only when the order respects the prep. time defined by the admin.

    NOTE: Preparation time is applied only to Delivery and Catering ordering methods and is NOT applied to the Pickup option. The Pickup method allows members to choose to pick up time from 30 min time slots but not less than 15 min from the moment of creating a Pickup Order.
  • Stores that are not available for ordering are displayed with an error message and would be read-only. The member can see the Stores and the available goods but won’t be able to purchase any items.

  • No matter the preparation time rule, people won’t be able to place orders outside of the store’s working hours.

Example Use Cases

Below are mentioned some specific use cases and what is the expected result from applying the preparation time order rule.


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