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A company might have different teams handling the different types of services and OfficeRnD Hybrid offers an easy way to ensure that the different types of system notifications will all be sent to the appropriate team's email.

There are two types of automated notifications:

  • General Notifications - This is a group of messages that relate to general system notifications.
  • Booking Notifications - This is a group of messages that relate to new bookings and booking updates. 

Customize My Notification Settings

You can find the section allowing you to set up in Settings/My Account/Emails tab. By default, only one section would be available for all notifications. If you'd like to have a more advanced configuration, you can enable it by finding the Custom email addresses for different email types label at the bottom of the page and clicking the Enable link below it. That will add the Bookings section to the page.

The sections have the following fields that can be edited:

  • Notification - This is a field only available in the General section. You can enter the email that you'd like to receive all system notifications on in OfficeRnD Hybrid. If you'd like to use our notification functionality, please make sure you add an email address here, otherwise, no emails will be sent if left blank.
  • Reply To - In this field, you can specify the "Reply-To" address that you'd like to use for notifications of the group sent from OfficeRnD Hybrid. When the receiver clicks Reply, it will be delivered to the address you have specified here.
    If this field is empty, it will default to the General "Reply-To" email.
  • CC Admin Notifications - In this field, you can specify an admin email that you'd like to be CCed to all notifications of the group.
  • BCC Admin Notifications - In this field, you can specify an admin email that you'd like to be BCCed to all notifications of the group.
  • From - In this field, you can specify a custom email domain that the notifications of that group will be sent from, instead of the default OfficeRnD domain. A custom "From" email requires a specific setup and verification. You can find out more about that in our help article on the subject. If no email is entered in this field, the General custom "From" email will be used.
Important: If you haven't entered an email in the "Notification" field, but then enter emails in CC or BCC - no email will be sent. There needs to be an email in the notification field for an email to be created and sent.

Don't forget to hit Update in the section you are editing, or the changes you make will not be saved!

Configure Specific Emails for each Location

You can also customize your notification emails per location. Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to Office Space/Locations.
  2. Click on the cogwheel next to the location's name to edit its details.
  3. Click the Emails tab.
  4. Click on the Email Type drop-down menu to select the Notification Group you'd like to configure.
  5. Fill out the fields as described in the above section.
  6. Hit Update to save the changes.

Which Settings Will Be Respected If I Have Multiple Configurations Across The System?

You can find the prioritization of the different settings below. Number 1 will always be used before any other setting:

  1. Location group-specific email settings.
  2. Location general email settings.
  3. Organization group-specific email settings.
  4. Organization general email settings.
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