OfficeRnD Hybrid - Google Chrome Extension

To ease the booking experience even further, we have developed a Google Chrome extension. It allows you to book a desk or a room with a few clicks or check all of your bookings.

Install from Chrome Store

Please bear in mind that the extension might not work on every website. There are websites with strict security policies that will not allow our extension to be opened or visualized. In such cases, the application will open in a new browser tab.

Once installed, you can click on the extension's icon, login and book your desk for the day.

You can also take advantage of anything else you'd find on a booking page the Web portal:

  • Find where a colleague sits and book next to them.
  • Invite colleagues to the office so you can collaborate.
  • See your schedule and all of your bookings.

How it works


Clicking Open in New Tab will take you to the Web portal of your company.

Log out is going to log you out of the extension.


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