Outlook Add-in for OfficeRnD Hybrid

If your company is using the Office 365 package you can enhance the meeting room booking experience by installing the OfficeRnD Hybrid Outlook Add-in. It will allow you to:

  • Find and book the most relevant meeting rooms directly in Outlook.
  • Search by Capacity, Amenities, Location, and Floor.
  • See real-time availability of meeting rooms.
  • Manage, edit and cancel meeting room bookings for you and your colleagues.

Add-in Setup

  1. Open your Outlook desktop client.
  2. Click Get Add-ins on the top ribbon.
  3. Search for OfficeRnD Hybrid.
  4. Add.
  5. Switch to Calendar in Outlook and double-click on a slot to create an event (booking).
  6. Click the newly installed add-in on the top ribbon.
  7. Log in with your OfficeRnD credentials (log in is required the very first time only).

Changes in both event and add-in are dynamic and affect both sides simultaneously. In the add-in, you can click on the room and it will be automatically added to the event you are creating and synced to OfficeRnD.


Video Guide

The Add-in is available for Web Outlook as well.

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