SCIM User Provisioning


OfficeRnD Hybrid allows for several user provisioning options to help you minimize user management on top of your SSO setup.

Here are the options you can choose from:

AD User Location Sync

The following articles address your options for syncing user Primary Location between AD & Hybrid:

Enable SCIM

In order to enable SCIM user provisioning, you'd need to configure an SSO with a provider of your choice. More details are available here

Once your SSO is complete, you can configure the SCIM by enabling it in the SCIM Authentication configuration (Settings/Integrations/SCIM User Provisioning) and finish the setup in your provider's platform.

1. activate scim.png

2. config scim new.png

Map office locations

Click here to learn more about this feature and syncing user Primary location over SCIM.

Note: Multiple external directory locations can be mapped to a single location. The input field supports multiple comma separated values.

Enable Google Directory Sync

The Google Directory sync is a separate user provisioning functionality. To activate and configure it as per our article, navigate to Settings/Integrations and activate Google Directory Sync.


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