Online Booking Check-in

Booking check-ins is a feature that allows you to fight "ghost" bookings - someone books a resource and doesn't show up to use it. If there is a check-in requirement for bookings, your employees need to verify their booking by checking in.

Set up Check-in requirements for a resource(s)

Activating a check-in requirement is done by modifying the Booking Policy that the resource(s) will be using. Depending on the settings, there will be a window that the booking will require a check-in. If that window is missed, the booking will be canceled automatically.

How Can Employees Check-in for Bookings

Once the Booking Policy is applied, your employees will have to check in for each booking they place for that resource. There are several ways they can do that.

  • Check-in email
  • The OfficeRnD Hybrid Work mobile app.
  • Message in Microsoft Teamsmceclip0.png
  • The Global check-in via the OfficeRnD Hybrid Reception app, or an Admin checking an Employee in from the Admin Portal while the check-in window for the booking is open. More details you can find in this article.
  • The Check-in button in the:
    • Web Portal - Dashboard and Schedule pagesmceclip1.pngmceclip2.png
    • OfficeRnD Hybrid Work mobile app Home and Schedule pages (coming soon)
  • Check-in button on the OfficeRnD Hybrid Rooms app (only applicable to Meeting rooms)mceclip3.png
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