Add Your Teammates


In this step, you will add your teammates to the organization. You can also add another colleague of yours as an Admin - learn more.

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the Flex Admin Portal.

2. Open the Settings module and navigate to Account Details/Admin Users.

3. Click on the Add Teammate button.

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Add Teammate

In the Add Teammate dialog:

1. Select a member (if the member profile already exists in Flex) or click on Add New (if you're adding a new member profile).


2. If adding a new teammate, enter their details (Name, email, phone number) and click Add.

new tm 2.png

3. Select a role for your teammate

Each role has different permissions in the admin portal. Learn more about the User Permissions per role.

Tip: Secondary permissions are optional for multi-location operators. The secondary permission role gives community managers from different locations cross-location visibility of each others' member base and allows a teammate to have one particular role for one or a few locations. They are also able to view the other locations without being able to adjust them. Learn more.

4. Select one or more Locations or leave them empty to grant the teammate permission to all of your locations.

5. Select a Job Function. If you don't find the required option in the list, choose Other and enter the job title in the field:

job funk.png

6. Click on Invite to send an invitation email to your teammate.

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