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A location is a place where all your resources and services are going to be assigned. Learn more

  1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to the Space module and select Add Location


Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal at

2. Click on Space module


3. Click on Add location

Adding a location will incur an additional subscription fee. Please refer to the originally signed agreement to understand the number of included locations for your organization. For more information on the subscription plans and locations, check our pricing page:


4. Give the Location a Name

A window will appear, allowing you to input the details of your new location.


5. Enter a Description


6. Set Organization Business Hours

Specify different business hours per location. Learn more about business hours and what you can do with them here.


7. Specify the Time Zone

You can specify the Timezone of a location, allowing you to have a different time zone set up for each of your locations (for multi-location operators).

Incorrect time zones can cause issues with bookings, so it's highly recommended, that you set the time zone for your location.

By default, the organization's time zone will be used for all locations.


8. Upload an Image

Add an image to represent your space. Format: JPEG, PNG


9. Set if the location 'Is Open'

  • The option is 'Open' determines whether the place you're currently describing is created as Open or as a Draft.
  • If a location is designated as a Draft that means it's still not finished. Data associated with a Draft location would not be used for calculating reports.


10. Click on the Address tab


11. Physical Address and Configure Address for Template

The physical address will be used in the Member's portal.


12. Start typing the location name or address

This will search through Google Places to locate the physical location.


13. Check Configure address for template usage

If you'd like to use a location's address in any of the templates, check this option and fill in the information.


14. Fill in the address fields

Fill in the respective fields for use in templates.


15. Click on Add to create the location



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