Define Contract Types & Add Custom Contract Types


OfficeRnD Contracts module allows you to create Membership, License, and Lease Agreements and to manage your Members in a more structured way. Learn more

  1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to the Settings module and update/add the contracts types in Platform/Contracts

Step-By-Step Guide

1. Log into the OfficeRnD Flex Admin Portal

2. Click on the Settings module


3. Click on Platform


4. Click on Contracts


5. View the Contract Types

Although they share most of the basic properties, there is a major difference that separates them significantly - whether the contract specifies the details of the resource that will be licensed or sub-leased to the member.

  • The Membership Agreement is more popular in the Coworking World and is a way to put a framework and structure around the relationship between you and your members.
  • The License Agreement is more structured around the exact office that is provided to the customer.
  • The Lease Agreement, also known as a Tenancy or Rental agreement, is usually signed between a Tenant and a Landlord


6. Create Your Own Contract Type (Optional)

Learn more about custom contract types

7. Click on Add Contract Type


8. Enter a Name

Enter the name of the contract type.


9. Enter a Type Code/Name

A unique ID for the contract type that the system will use to handle contracts of that type. The field is required but automatically filled as you input a name. The type can be changed manually if needed.


10. Enter a Description

Enter a short summary of the contract type and what it is used for.


11. Select legal documents and terms and conditions

Contracts of this type will have the selected documents appended to them by default. This can be adjusted for individual contracts when raising contracts of this type when creating or editing them.


12. Select Primary Items

Select the types of resources or plans that must be added to a contract before it can be signed. At least one item of the Primary items list must be selected when creating a contract, or it cannot be signed.


13. Select the Template

Select the default Contract Template for this contract type from the dropdown that will be used for the PDF version.


14. Click on Add to create the contract type



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