Daily Work Location

Employees might need to specify their daily work location if they are not in the office. OfficeRnD supports that with the Daily Work Location.

How to Set Work Location

Employees can set their work location for the day(s) they would not be attending the office from the Schedule page of the Web Portal. For any of the days that do not have a desk booking, the employees will have a Change location button where they can enter their work location if they won't be working from both the office and from home.

The functionality is powered by Google Maps in order to verify the address.


Exporting the Work Location Data

The work location data can be exported into a CSV file from the Admin portal.

  1. Navigate to Directory/Who's in.
  2. Scroll down to Employee Daily Work Location.
  3. Filter the information by year, month, and location.
  4. Click Export.


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