Payments Overview


The Payments Overview dashboard displays every payment and allocation entered into the system on any given day. It makes it easier to reconcile your actual takings with what has been recorded in OfficeRnD.

Important Notes

  • Only payments with the status “Success” are included in the Payments tab. We exclude payments with the status Pending, Failed, or Refund.
  • Allocations (i.e. credit payments) to invoices done from both Overpayments and Credit Notes are registered in the Allocations tab.
  • This report records payments and allocations for every entity that you have a direct commercial relationship with. It will show payments for Companies, Company Members (if they have personal fees/memberships), and/or Individual Members.

Payments Split by Payment Type

The first visualization shows you an overview of the split of all payment types for the selected date range.

payments split by payment method.png


Customers Ranked by Payment Amount

The second visualization shows you an exhaustive list of all customers, sorted by the highest amount paid for the selected date range (from top to bottom).


Additional options such as filtering, expanded views, and data export are available as well. Click here to learn more.
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