Daily Transactions Report

The Daily Transactions Report helps you drill down into the most granular level of revenue details. It shows revenue for any selected time period (even selectable by days), which is aggregated on a revenue account or broken down per each individual recorded fee.

Rules for Calculating the Report

  • All Membership, One-off and Booking fee transactions are displayed in this report, regardless if they are invoiced or not.
  • Membership fee transactions are recorded based on:
    • (1) the start date of the membership (in the first month the membership is activated)
    • OR
    • (2) the first day of the billing cycle of the respective Company/Member (when the membership recurs for the 2nd time or more)
  • One-off fee transactions are recorded based on the start date of the fee.
  • Booking fees are recorded based on the start date of the booking.
  • TAX is excluded from the total amount of each transaction.
  • Deposits and processing fees will appear as line items in this report. You can use the "Revenue Account" filter if you need to filter those out.
  • A negative amount will appear as a line item in this report if:
    • a fee/membership was credited (i.e. a Credit Note was issued for it). In this case, the transaction is recorded:
      • on the current date, if the transaction you're crediting is in the past
      • OR
      • on the start date of the line item that is being credited, if the transaction you're crediting is in the future
    • you’ve created a fee with a negative value in the first place. In this case, the transaction will be recorded based on the start date of the negative fee.
  • Manually created line items in invoices will appear in this report.
  • This report lists every entity that you have a direct commercial relationship with. It can show Companies, Company Members (if they have personal fees/memberships), and/or Individual Members.


  • A one-off fee with a start date of the 5th of November will appear on the same date - 5h of November.
  • A membership that has a [start date of the 15th of February], an [end date on the 31st of April], and a billing date on the 1st of every month will appear:
    • On the 15th of February
    • On the 1st of March
    • On the 1st of April

Report Views

The report displays all fees (both negative and positive), memberships, Credit Note line items, and custom Invoice line items that have a start date on the particular date that was selected in the filter.

Aggregated View


Detailed View


Extra Tips

Filtering for un-invoiced items and more

You can use the Invoice Status filter in this report to identify un-invoiced Membership or One-off fees in any timeframe of your choosing.



Filtering for different revenue types

You can use the Revenue Type filter to drill down into the different types of revenue, including pulling out only the credit (i.e. Credit Notes) you've issued.


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