Employees Bulk Edit

Employees in OfficeRnD can be edited in bulk for easier and simplified user administration.

You can find your userlist under Directory/All Employees.

You can make changes to:

  • Location
  • Primary Team
  • Additional Team(s)
  • Status


In order to perform the bulk operation, you'd have to select the employees that need a change in any of those fields. Once selected, click Edit to open the dialog


This is also possible under the dedicated page of each Team - the Employees section:


  • All changes will overwrite the existing values of the selected employees.
  • Any Admins in the selection will lose their access to both Admin and Web Portals if Status is changed to Former.


A bulk Delete operation is available as well. Please handle this with care because the process is irreversible. Deleting an employee will also delete all of their bookings.

Similar to a bulk edit operation, select the employees you want to remove and click Delete. Confirm by typing DELETE. If there are admin users within your selection, they will not be deleted.


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