Invoices Overview Report


The Invoices Overview report provides a comprehensive overview of the following invoicing data within a specific time frame:

  • Invoiced Amounts
  • Customers Ranked By Due Amount

Additional invoicing data is available separately in the following dashboards:

Additional options such as filtering, expanded views, and data export are available as well. Click here to learn more.

Invoiced Amounts

The Invoiced Amounts widget shows the total invoiced amounts for each invoice period as broken down by Invoice Status.

inv amounts.png

Customers Ranked by Due Amount

The  widget shows all customers ranked by the amount they owe you. You can click on a row of choice to view the data for the particular customer.

customers ranked by due amount.png

You can also filter this chart to show the customers and the amounts they awe you in a specific aging bucket, if you use the Aging Bucket filter.

Tips For Using Date Filters

All date filters work for invoices, but only the Invoice issue date filter works for overpayments and credit notes. That's because the latter have no period or due date to filter by. A disclaimer is present to hopefully help users understand these specifics.

We also recommend using only a single filter when filtering invoices to prevent screen clutter.

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