Multi-Tenant SSO and SCIM User Provisioning


Some OfficeRnD Hybrid customers are composed of several partner organizations, multiple “sister” companies, or a parent company with several subsidiaries. They would like to use ORND for shared office spaces, including booking desks, meeting rooms, and other resources. However, this requires support for multiple SSO and User Provisioning integrations. Such support is offered in the Enterprise Edition plan.

What Is Supported?

With the Enterprise Edition plan, OfficeRnD Hybrid supports the following:

  • Multiple SSO integrations 
  • Multiple SCIM integrations (i.e. Azure, Okta)
  • Users from multiple organizations can book desks, meeting rooms, and other resources via OfficeRnD on a shared Office Map, Web Portal, and Mobile apps.

Setup Information

Multiple SSO or SCIM integrations must be enabled by OfficeRnD Support, as the Hybrid Admin UI only allows for configuring one integration from each type. Get in touch with support over e-mail or submit a ticket.

What Is Not Supported?

The following Hybrid integrations do not have support for multiple tenants. They support only one tenant per organization:


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