Refunding Stripe Charges


The status of a Charge made with Stripe can be changed to Refunded in ORND in 2 ways:

  1. Manually

  2. Automatically via sync from Stripe to ORND

Record a Stripe Refund Manually

This simply marks a Charge in ORND as Refunded but does not initiate a Refund.

  1. Refund the Charge in Stripe.

  2. Open the invoice containing the Charge in ORND and click Delete. This marks the Charge as Refunded.


Automatic Sync of Stripe Refunds to ORND

It's also possible to automatically sync the refunds made in Stripe. Note that this is enabled by default:

  1. Refund a Charge in Stripe.

  2. As soon as the Charge has been marked as Refunded in Stripe, the Charge and its invoice will automatically be marked as Refunded in ORND.

How It Works

1. In Stripe, refund a charge as you do normally:


2. In OfficeRnD, open the invoice you refunded and look at its status under Payments. Before the refund, the status was 'Success'. After ORND automatically syncs the refund with Stripe, the status will change to 'Refunded'.

image (2).png

Details Applicable to Both Processes

  • If a Stripe Charge has been manually refunded in ORnD, the sync will not record the refund twice or cause other duplicating.

  • When at least 1 Charge in an invoice has been Refunded (there could be multiple Charges), the invoice also becomes Refunded.

  • Stripe marks refunds as Refunded when the refund has been initiated. Depending on the bank’s processing times, it could take 5-10 days for the refund to be received.

Partial Refunds

If the Stripe refund for a Charge is partial, the UI will not reflect the refund but it will be available via the API. This applies to a partial refund of 1 charge, i.e. the invoice was paid only via 1 payment.

If the invoice was paid in 2 charges and you refund only one of them, this will be reflected in the UI - i.e. charge 1 is marked as successful, charge 2 is marked as refunded, and the invoice is marked as refunded too.

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