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    Sima Sweid

    Hi! I'm excited for this change. 

    1) Will the updated calendar still have the option to view by week?

    2) Will it be possible for us to choose the default booking length.  The current default on the calendar is 30 minutes but none of my members reserve for half an hour.  Could the default be a standard hour instead? (or the option to choose based on our model)


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    Martin Kanovski

    Hi Sima,

    On questions 1, can you share with us how you and your members use the week view? We have noticed this is almost not used and this will be very valuable feedback for us.

    On question 2, this is more on the functional side of things and not that much on UX/UI. We have this in our backlog, but I can't promise a timeframe for it at the moment.



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